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Forgings for automotive

The use of the semi-finished base – forgings – for the automotive industry is concentrated in the driving gears and driven aggregates of cars as well as in parts of suspension devices for mounting axles and towing equipment, such as road machinery and equipment, their chassis parts and parts of superstructures (loaders and lifting platforms) . Forgings are characterized by precise shapes that do not require further machining.

Gearbox applications

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Forgings for the railway industry

One of the important factors of railway transportation is the increase in transport volume and speed of transport, which is reflected in the quality of materials used in production. We offer components for traction motors and generators, forgings for traction and thrust elements of car and locomotive suspensions, semi-finished products for axle bearings and bearing housing equipment, among others. Forgings are certified and meet the most demanding criteria of our customers.

Bearing applications

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Industrial and other engineering applications

The nature of forgings – rotary forgings with a short axis of rotation in the size range from 35 mm to 800 mm – allow to satisfy all the needs and requirements of even the most demanding customers, because they are specially heat treated for the required structure and quality of steel. Bearing forgings are produced by die forging technology or by forging followed by hot rolling operations. The character of the course of the fibers in the cross-section of the product is the tangential arrangement of the material fibers to the raceways of the rolling elements which increases the bearing capacity and durability.

Bearing applications

Other engineering applications