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Turned products

We provide our customers with additional production operations in the form of turning, while in our portfolio we have CNC turning machines and automatic Japanese turning lines, which are devoted for large-scale production.

CNC turning machines for inner and outer ring machining:

ParametersVT II-23/60 BVT II-23/60 BCVVT II-23/60 CVVT II-26/60YCV
No. of machines6111
Max bar diameter (mm)52 mm52 mm52 mm75 mm
Turning accuracy (mm)0,02 mm0,02 mm0,02 mm0,02 mm

Manufacturer: Tajvan

Japanese turning lines:

Turned ring width: 20 – 40 mm
Diameter: 30 – 80 mm
Technical condition: 100%
Manufacturer: SHINBAN Japonsko

Turned products