OMNIA KLF, a. s.

Information on the provision of financing

Information on the provision of financing to OMNIA KLF, a.s., with its registered office at Kukučínova 2734, 024 01 Kysucké Nové Mesto, which is provided within the benefits of support from the Operational Program Integrated Infrastructure, which is co-financed by the European Structural and Investment Funds.

The main goal of the project

The main goal of the implemented project was to provide an investment to OMNIA KLF, a.s. with priority of innovation development.

Short description of the project

The subject of the implemented project was the investment into company OMNIA KLF, a.s., with the possibility of using this investment solely and exclusively:

a) to finance the operational and investment needs of OMNIA KLF, a.s. necessary for the sustainability and development of production and sales capacities of OMNIA KLF, a.s. in order to focus on innovation, higher value-added products; greening of production, targeted development of the automotive segment with an emphasis on electromobility, gradually increasing the proportion of sales of products in environmental sectors such as electric cars, railway industry and renewable energy sources, increasing energy independence and efficiency of the company, and at the same time

(b) for the purposes eligible under the Operational Program “Integrated Infrastructure”, Priority Axis 9 – “Support for research, development and innovation”, and at the same time

c) on the territory of the Slovak Republic, specifically on the territory outside the Bratislava self-governing region (NUTS3 code: SK010), until the end of 2021 (until 31 December 2021).

OMNIA KLF, a.s. belongs to the traditional producers of forgings and turned rings in Slovakia. The investment will serve OMNIA KLF, a.s. to develop innovation in order to strengthen its position on the European market. OMNIA KLF, a.s. manufactures forgings for applications in the automotive and bearing industries as well as special accessories used in other industries. These are mainly precise and complex parts for gearbox applications, axles, parts for motors, rings for ball, roller and tapered roller bearings, special rings for train sets, washers, bushings and nuts. Its customers include large international companies with which it has a long history in business cooperation.

OMNIA KLF, a.s. plans to increase the share of activities in promising and environmental segments, such as rail transport, wind energy and electromobility. Its products are used, for example, in the turbines of wind power plants, a sector with a high potential for future growth as the price of electricity generated by this technology gradually decreases. The company is interested in supplying innovative design solutions for gearboxes for electric cars.

Information on the Operational Program Integrated Infrastructure 2014 – 2020 can be found at