OMNIA KLF, a. s.

Dual education

Job opportunities

Upon successful completion of the study, the graduate will receive a complete secondary vocational education (four-year certificate and apprenticeship certificate) in the case of four-year study fields and an apprenticeship certificate in the case of three-year study fields.

Possibilities of graduate employment: work corresponding to the profession and work in the field of quality assurance

Setter/Operator: setting, operation and maintenance of conventional and numerically controlled CNC machine tools, machining centers and lines

Machinist: assembly, disassembly, repairs and testing of machine tools and equipment, operation of welding equipment

Material and financial security of the student

The employer will provide the student with material security:

  • Personal protective equipment within the scope of the employee’s right to such equipment in the performance of work that corresponds to the activities that the student will perform in the practical training with the employer,
  • Assessment of the pupil’s medical and sensory ability to perform practical training in a manner that corresponds to the assessment of the employee’s medical fitness for work – reimbursement of costs in full
  • Meals at the time of practical training with the employer in the price, scope and under conditions that correspond to the conditions of meals for employees,
  • Travel allowances for transport from the place of permanent residence to the place of practical training with the employer and back in accordance with the Travel Allowances Act and the employer’s internal regulations – reimbursement of proven travel expenses.

The employer will provide the student with financial security

Company scholarship for each calendar month of schooling in the amount of:

1st year – 50 Eur / month

2nd year – 60 Eur / month

3rd year – 80 Eur / month

4th year – 100 Eur / month

Remuneration for productive work:

1st year – 1,092 Eur / hour

2nd year – 1,092 Eur / hour

3rd year – 2,184 Eur / hour

4th year – 2,184 Eur / hour.

The provision of financial security is regulated by the employer’s internal regulations.

Contact details of the employer:


Kukučínova 2734,

024 01 Kysucké Nové Mesto,

contact person: Mgr. Jana Boráková

Phone: 0915 917 126, 041/4201216, e-mail:

Criteria for the selection of successful candidates are determined by the employer.

The selection of candidates for the conclusion of an apprenticeship contract will be made on the basis of:

  • interview with the candidate,
  • evaluation of study results for the 6th to 9th year of elementary school

Additional information provided by the employer

The employer will provide the student with the apprenticeship contract with benefits corresponding to the benefits provided to the employer’s employees:

– free tickets for cultural and sporting events according to the current offer,

– free courses and training to obtain a license and a certificate of professional competence for the operation of work equipment, e. g., welding course, crane operation, burden binder as well as other employees

– job offer after graduation